The history of the Glasgow Subway

The Timeline


Glasgow Subway Opens

The Glasgow Subway first opens on 14 December, becoming the third-oldest underground rail transit system in the world.


World War I Begins

The subway continues to operate during World War I, providing essential transportation for Glasgow's residents.



The subway transitions from cable haulage to electric operation, modernizing the system.


World War II Begins

The subway remains operational during World War II, serving as a vital transport link and occasionally as an air raid shelter.


Major Modernization Begins

A comprehensive modernization program starts, including track replacement, station upgrades, and new rolling stock.


Reopening After Modernization

The subway reopens after a three-year closure for major renovations, featuring modernized stations and new orange-colored trains giving the system its distinctive look (and name Clockwork Orange).


Glasgow Garden Festival

The subway plays a crucial role in transporting visitors to the Glasgow Garden Festival, a major event in the city drawing large volume of passengers to the city.


Centenary Celebration

The Glasgow Subway celebrates its 100th anniversary of operation.


Commonwealth Games

The subway serves as a key transport link for the 2014 Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow.


New Trains Announced

Plans are announced for a new fleet of driverless trains to replace the aging rolling stock.


125th Anniversary

The Glasgow Subway marks its 125th year of operation, continuing to serve the city's transportation needs.


New trains in service

New trains enter service on the Glasgow Subway, promising improved passenger comfort and reliability.

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