Sub Crawl Etiquette

To all newcomers embarking on our exhilarating Sub Crawl adventure, we offer some friendly etiquette advice. By adhering to these suggestions, we aim to create an atmosphere where everyone can focus solely on crafting cherished memories and relishing an uninterrupted flow of enjoyment throughout the journey.

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Drink Responsibly
Pace yourself and know your limits. The Sub Crawl involves visiting multiple pubs, so it's important to stay in control and avoid excessive drinking.
Mind Your Language and Volume
While enjoying yourself, be mindful of your language and volume level. Remember that you're in public places where others may be trying to enjoy their time as well.
Respect Queueing and Waiting Times
If there's a queue at the bar, wait your turn patiently. Avoid pushing ahead or trying to jump the line, as it can create unnecessary tension and disrupt the flow of service.
In Scotland, tipping is appreciated but not always expected. If you receive good service, it's customary to leave a tip of around 10-15% of the total bill. However, tipping is entirely voluntary and should be based on your satisfaction with the service received.
Handling Glassware
Be careful when handling glassware to avoid accidents or breakages. If you accidentally break a glass, inform the staff immediately and offer to pay for any damages.
Respect Personal Space
Be mindful of personal space, especially in crowded areas. Avoid invading others' personal space and respect their boundaries.
Dispose of Trash Properly
Dispose of your trash responsibly by using designated bins or trash receptacles. Avoid leaving empty glasses or litter on tables or around the pub.
Follow Smoking Regulations
If you're a smoker, be aware of smoking regulations and designated smoking areas. Respect non-smoking areas and other patrons' preferences regarding smoke exposure.
Be Patient with Staff
Pub staff work hard to provide good service, especially during busy times. Be patient and courteous when interacting with them, even if there's a delay in service.
Designate a Driver or Use Public Transportation
If you're planning to drink alcohol during the Sub Crawl, ensure you have a designated driver or use public transportation to get home safely. Never drink and drive.
Engage in Conversation
Pubs are social places, so feel free to engage in conversation with fellow patrons and staff. However, be respectful of others' privacy and boundaries.
Enjoy the Experience
Above all, remember to enjoy the experience of the Sub Crawl and the opportunity to explore different pubs and neighborhoods in Glasgow. Have fun, but do so responsibly and respectfully.
Carry Cash
While many pubs and bars accept card payments, it's always a good idea to carry some cash with you, especially for smaller purchases or in case of technical issues with card machines.

Following the etiquette advice provided ensures that participants of the Glasgow Sub Crawl have an enjoyable and memorable experience. By adhering to these guidelines, individuals contribute to a harmonious and respectful atmosphere, fostering a positive environment for all involved. It's essential to exercise common sense throughout the journey, remaining mindful of personal limits and safety at all times. In the event of any concerns or emergencies, attendees are encouraged to promptly seek assistance from bar staff or emergency services. Prioritizing responsible behavior and looking out for one another enhances the overall enjoyment and safety of the Sub Crawl adventure. Click here for more information about the pubs along the crawl.

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