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Buchanan Street

Here you can find information about Buchanan Street station, including it's address, nearby attractions, and facilities. Please note that some information may change day to day and it is advisable to check the SPT website for the most up to date details.


Queen Street Station, Buchanan Bus Station, Bike Hire


Not Available

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday: 06:30 to 23:40

Sunday: 10:00 to 18:12

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Waxy O'Connors

Find your own Irish welcome at the award winning Waxy O’Connor’s : Glasgow’s biggest and best Irish Bar. No mater if you are new to Waxy’s Glasgow, or a regular visitor, you can always find something new in this unique and spectacular pub. Waxy’s is an ideal place for lunch or dinner, or simply to enjoy drinks with friends or colleagues. Regularly described as a rabbit warren and a maze, you are sure to find your space in one of our 9 areas and 6 bars spread over 3 floors.

Pub Address

44 W George St, Glasgow, G2 1DH

Recommended Alcoholic Drink


A classic Irish stout

Recommended Non-alcoholic Drink

Elderflower Presse

A refreshing and floral non-alcoholic option

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